Happy days 5

Unexpected gifts from seniors .

Yes it definitely bring smile , when we see someone remembers us in good way. Having a team lunch and holiday almost beings. Having sick child doesn’t help me. But trying to keep the cheer on.

Happy holidays everyone


Toddler conversation

Scene one

We are in a restaurant eating dosae which is favo food for son

Son: mamma does this hotel has bathroom/ restroom

Me: yes do you want to use restroom ..?shall I take you

Son: no mamma I am just checking

By then he stopped eating dosae and mom in me sensed he might want to use restroom, has to pamper him a bit to enter the restroom after the break he finished his dosae.

Yes it’s gross but my son is 3 year old who is learning all these things now.

Scene 2:

We picked him from school and driving back home

Son: momma what day is it today

Me: Wednesday

Son: humm. I don’t want to take baths on Wednesday ok…?

Smartness overloaded

Happy days 4

Friday and I am happy for no reason. It’s getting Cold here and heard one more baby born news and she is super cute. Guess all the more reason to be happy. Thankful for reaching another gracious year which is ending. Love what I have around. Just be happy.

Happy days-1

Sorry my hundred days challenge would start little late

We were vacationing during first week of November which is all the more reason for being happy n not updating this space.

I will not make summery of this month, one happy note for each moments is the plan.

We friends(3 families) planned for sfo, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite trip form long time and flights were booked.

On our first day in sfo we visited the gg bridge and walked along, our next stop was palace of fine arts. We parked car, roamed around the spot taking pics. But when returned to car, something strange was awaiting we could see our car window glass shattered and broken pieces everywhere. It took a while for us to reAlize it was burglarized, two ladies hand bags with money and 2 backpacks were missing. Then the drama started with police complaint and rental car exchange. Amidst of all, kids enjoying feeding birds in the park.

It took some hours to register the complaint and change car, after which we went to Lombard street and then towards pier 33 for Alcatraz tours, on our way to Pier 33 parking I got a call from Phoenix public library asking me if I have lost valuables today, for some it comes as surprise but to me, I New the rest of the story following, believe me every time I have lost something, it finds a way back. Touch wood , a sweet lady found our bags in front of her house and made full efforts in returning the same. Thank you and may god bless you. That purse/wallet was my ex colleagues gift, which is precious memory for me. This is my first post for happy days. Yes I am thankful and happy happy with how things turned out in the end

See you soon.


100 happy days

I am new to blogging and don’t blog regularly, I opened WordPress to track the favorite blogs I read. Many of them starting this challenge of 100 happy days , this is the first time I am feeling like pitching in.

Let’s hope I can do some justice and put up 10 blog posts in those 100 days.